There are only three option to resolving workplace anger: live with it, fix it or let it go. What do you choose?

At some point in our business life, we are going to be in a situation where we feel wronged resulting in the festering of workplace anger.

“My boss promoted Jane because she is the owner’s daughter, not because she deserved it. I was much more qualified for that promotion.”

 “Jimmy challenged my idea in our team meeting because he was not chosen to be on the XYZ project.”

 “I can’t believe Sarah took credit with the boss for completing the project. She only spent 1 hour at the tail end of the project, when I spent 20 hours to get us to that point.”

You probably thought of two or three examples already.  Did the anger return immediately, even though it has been years?   While anger about a perceived wrong feels good in the moment, it can create long term affects, both personally on our health and professionally in our business.

 How do I resolve the anger toward someone who has done me wrong?

 You must identify your choices, choose and act upon your decision.

 Identifying Your Choices

  1. Live With It
  2. Fix It
  3. Let It Go

There are many shades of grey in between these three options, but ultimately it comes down to live with it, fix it or let it go. Let’s examine each choice.

Evaluating the Choices

Live With It

If doing nothing seems like the easiest and most comfortable solution, ask yourself this question. Does living with the anger benefit you?

While it is sometimes fun to relish in the judgment of others, before committing to this choice, consider these two points.

  • The long-term physical effects of uncontrolled anger include increased anxiety, high blood pressure and headache. Unresolved anger impacts your health.
  • The long-term impact on our business relationships from unresolved anger is immeasurable.  Many careers have been derailed and sidetracked due to holding on to perceived wrongs. Unresolved anger in business impacts your professional growth.

Fix It 

What would happen if we chooDavid and Goliath CTAse to fix it by addressing the issue?  For many, addressing the person who wronged us seems even more daunting and scary than staying angry and indignant.

Preparing for and navigating through a conversation that begins with conflict can feel like David bringing a slingshot to a fight with Goliath.   At first glance it seems crazy unless you know and are practiced in the proper communication tools (see 3 Easy Steps to Assertive Communication). Mastering this tool will conquer your fear.

While it may initially seem scary to begin these crucial conversations, once you have learned how to have them, you will reap great rewards.

Let It Go

The choice of letting go means forgiving and forgetting. This might be the toughest yet most rewarding choice of the three.

Some view “letting it go” as equivalent to losing or showing weakness. Is it really losing or is it pride and ego getting in the way of our health and success?  Authentic forgiving and forgetting takes immense strength of character and it also lifts the metaphorical weight off of our shoulders.

If we choose to let it go, how do we do it?  Check out next month’s blog for a method to let go of workplace anger and frustration.

Make your choice

Unresolved anger impacts our personal and business lives.  Simply recognizing your three basic options and making a choice can be the catalyst for transformation.

3 Options to Resolve Workplace Anger CTA

Live With It

Fix It

Let It Go

Resolve your workplace anger and experience transformational results.