About Dawn Miller Sander

Dawn Miller Sander completed a 20+ year sales management career with AT&T and moved to work in her area of passion, addressing conflict within organizations using various tools, training and dialog. After receiving her Masters Degree in Conflict Transformation, she is now leading the firm CTA using her facilitation, mediation, ombudsman, and training skills to bring transformation to organizations.

3 Steps to Responding Well to Criticism

How well do you respond to criticism?
Being able to receive feedback and do something with it shows strength and confidence. While opening our heart and mind to feedback is not natural, it is a coveted skill that each leader needs to succeed.

Follow this 3-step process to receiving feedback that will help you project an […]

What is a Conflict Transformer?

What is a Conflict Transformer?

A conflict transformer is a leader who embraces and practices the philosophy of viewing conflict as an opportunity for positive change.

There are two common reactions to conflict: avoidance or aggressive.

You call a meeting with your team for the annual sales planning session. A key manager […]

Are your Subject Lines Engaging or Enraging?

Developing engaging subject lines is not a practice exclusively for email marketers.  This is an important practice for any business professional.  Email is one of the primary forms of communication in the business world. How you represent yourself in email is a reflection of your professional image.

Business Professionals – this one is for YOU! […]

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