3 Steps: How to Forgive Anyone for Anything in Business

This month we will cover the 3 steps to forgive anyone for anything in business and answer the question “Why would I want to forgive when it is so hard?”

Last month we learned the 3 options to resolve the anger toward someone who has done us wrong (3 Options to Resolve Workplace Anger: You […]

3 Options to Resolve Workplace Anger: You Choose

There are only three option to resolving workplace anger: live with it, fix it or let it go. What do you choose?

At some point in our business life, we are going to be in a situation where we feel wronged resulting in the festering of workplace anger.
“My boss promoted Jane because she is the owner’s […]

3 Steps to Responding Well to Criticism

How well do you respond to criticism?
Being able to receive feedback and do something with it shows strength and confidence. While opening our heart and mind to feedback is not natural, it is a coveted skill that each leader needs to succeed.

Follow this 3-step process to receiving feedback that will help you project an […]

3 Easy Steps to Assertive Communication

How often do you speak assertively?

In our last two blogs (We Are Losing How Much To Conflict & Choose Your Action Wisely), we learned that getting crystal clear on “who you are” and “what you truly want” in any situation will help guide you to make wise decisions when facing any conflict at work. […]

Choose Your Action Wisely

In our last blog (We are Losing How Much to Conflict), we learned that getting crystal clear on “who you are” and “what you truly want” in any situation will help guide you to make wise decisions when facing any conflict at work.

Once we are clear on “who we are” and “what we want”, […]

What does Conflict Transformation have to do with Customer Service?

In our “What is a Conflict Transformer?” blog, we learned the advantages of embracing the mindset of viewing conflict as an opportunity for positive change. Mindset drives the choice of language which is the foundation for communication.

Conflict Transformers recognize that communication is an art and a key component in transforming the world around us. Language […]

Are your Subject Lines Engaging or Enraging?

Developing engaging subject lines is not a practice exclusively for email marketers.  This is an important practice for any business professional.  Email is one of the primary forms of communication in the business world. How you represent yourself in email is a reflection of your professional image.

Business Professionals – this one is for YOU! […]

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How do you handle conflict? Conform or Transform

Conflict Transformation is a new and emerging concept in the public and corporate sector; however, it has been studied and used by Ombudsmen, mediators and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) professionals for many years.

While many people hear conflict transformation and think conflict resolution, the two are not the same.

So what is the difference? Conflict resolution addresses individual […]

Herding the Cats on Conference Calls

Conference calls can be tough to manage, much like herding cats.

Time is money.  We all know this. And yet, what happens when we enter the virtual world of meetings? Chaos!

How many times have you been playing Bejeweled while on a conference call? Or even more frustrating, you are running the call, you take 5 […]

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