Conflict Resolution

Choose Your Action Wisely

In our last blog (We are Losing How Much to Conflict), we learned that getting crystal clear on “who you are” and “what you truly want” in any situation will help guide you to make wise decisions when facing any conflict at work.

Once we are clear on “who we are” and “what we want”, […]

We are Losing How Much to Conflict?

What is the cost of conflict in your organization?

Organizations lose 3 hours of productivity per week per employee due to conflict, according to Martin Freres (Journal of the International Ombudsman Association, volume 6, number 2, 2013). For a 100-employee company with an average pay rate of $15/hour, the annual productivity loss due to conflict […]

What is a Conflict Transformer?

What is a Conflict Transformer?

A conflict transformer is a leader who embraces and practices the philosophy of viewing conflict as an opportunity for positive change.

There are two common reactions to conflict: avoidance or aggressive.

You call a meeting with your team for the annual sales planning session. A key manager […]

How to Transform the Purple Minion Part II

Part Two: How Do You Remain Calm in Situations of High Emotion?

In Part One: How to Transform the Purple Minion, you learned that it is your choice to respond or react in a situation of high emotion.  You can choose to stay in your purple minion state or not.

In situations where emotions are running […]

How to Transform the Purple Minion Part I

In the movie Despicable Me, when a cute, lovable yellow minion was injected with an evil potion, it immediately turned into an ugly, mean purple minion.  It happened instantaneously once the potion hit their bloodstream. The cure was as simple as injecting the purple minion with a counteractive calming potion.  We like to think […]

How do you handle conflict? Conform or Transform

Conflict Transformation is a new and emerging concept in the public and corporate sector; however, it has been studied and used by Ombudsmen, mediators and alternative dispute resolution (ADR) professionals for many years.

While many people hear conflict transformation and think conflict resolution, the two are not the same.

So what is the difference? Conflict resolution addresses individual […]