Find the AWESOME in Your CONFLICT!

Conflict Transformers view conflict as a catalyst for POSITIVE change!

“I personally want to thank you both for an outstanding session on Wednesday!  Great job!  The feedback has been positive and I am certain that we are on the right path and the timing is just right.  You both ROCK!”
“I thought the course was very well put together. I really liked the portions that required class participation. It’s good to have participants actively participate, versus them just listening to (essentially) a lecture”
“Nicole was very energetic and made the class a lot of fun.”
“She was awesome and I have learned and will use what she had spoken to us on how to deal with everyday stress at the workplace and home.”
“Excellent speaker and analogies”
“I have always had problems with angry customers, so this has given me a way to deal with them.”
“The information received today will help me every day.”
“… you did a fabulous presentation for us.   Your screen shots were colorful and very interesting for the topic they were referring to.  And I really enjoyed the “practice” group sessions  …   Something so simple taught something we take for granted all the time!” 
“Thanks for the Awesome Training session!”
“The workshop really made me think about how I communicate with others, especially others from different generations. It made me realize how many bad habits I have. The points and suggestions that Dawn made have helped me improve my overall communication, but especially in situations where I tend to get easily frustrated.”
“Excellent, bring her back!”
“Love Dawn’s delivery, very helpful”
“Well presented, kept my interest”

Why do businesses choose to transform conflict?

  • To inspire teams to generate improved results
  • To create a culture of accountability
  • To reduce overhead due to wasted time on conflict
  • To develop the confidence to choose the words to say in difficult conversations