Conflict Resolution

Mediation in the Workplace

Can a confrontational work relationship be saved? The answer is “YES! With Mediation.”
George is thrilled with his new sales manager position! He accepted the position with a fast growing national firm to handle a 3 state region. George was a successful sales person with 15+ years’ experience in the industry and has leadership abilities. […]

Cure Pre-Meeting Anxiety

If you have ever experienced pre-meeting anxiety, you know that once that anxiety has taken hold of your body, it can feel impossible to quell.  And it if it happens repeatedly when meeting with the same person, it can become a self-fulfilling prophecy that creates a never ending loop of anxiety.

There are many different […]

Life as a Manager of Virtual Employees Made Easy

In today’s world, virtual workers make up a significant portion of the workplace.  Your employees may work full-time from their homes or they may work part-time from home and part-time in the office.

Do you ever find yourself wondering … “Are all of my people just eating Bonbons and watching Oprah?” The more important question […]

Does Respecting Others’ Viewpoints Prevent Me from Making Tough Decisions?

As a leader, can I make a tough decision and still respect others’ viewpoints?
As conflict transformers, two key foundational philosophies are to respect others’ viewpoints as well as to assign value to them. Many times, as leaders, we have to make tough decisions. And sometimes those decisions can affect others negatively.
In the face of […]

Use Your Attention with Intention

Are you using your attention with intention?

How many times have you woken up with full clarity that you HAD to get one action item completed today?  It must be done!

Then you get into the office to be welcomed by 3 urgent voicemails, 2 last minute meeting requests, a notice of Susie’s birthday lunch today […]

How to Jump off the Emotional Runaway Train

Learn how to jump off the Emotional Runaway Train with these three easy steps.

Picture this: You are in a pleasant conversation with your spouse, co-worker, neighbor or friend.  All is well until the conversation turns a little heated.  In the blink of an eye, it has morphed into a full blown argument.  One more […]

3 Steps: How to Forgive Anyone for Anything in Business

This month we will cover the 3 steps to forgive anyone for anything in business and answer the question “Why would I want to forgive when it is so hard?”

Last month we learned the 3 options to resolve the anger toward someone who has done us wrong (3 Options to Resolve Workplace Anger: You […]

3 Options to Resolve Workplace Anger: You Choose

There are only three option to resolving workplace anger: live with it, fix it or let it go. What do you choose?

At some point in our business life, we are going to be in a situation where we feel wronged resulting in the festering of workplace anger.
“My boss promoted Jane because she is the owner’s […]

3 Steps to Responding Well to Criticism

How well do you respond to criticism?
Being able to receive feedback and do something with it shows strength and confidence. While opening our heart and mind to feedback is not natural, it is a coveted skill that each leader needs to succeed.

Follow this 3-step process to receiving feedback that will help you project an […]

3 Easy Steps to Assertive Communication

How often do you speak assertively?

In our last two blogs (We Are Losing How Much To Conflict & Choose Your Action Wisely), we learned that getting crystal clear on “who you are” and “what you truly want” in any situation will help guide you to make wise decisions when facing any conflict at work. […]