Time Management

What do I do when my office mate annoys me?

All is going very well right now—the new office on the 8th floor provides a nice view of the lake and the park where many have lunch in the spring.  The open seating of the office with minimal separation will take some getting used to and for now, the firm is understaffed so one […]

Use Your Attention with Intention

Are you using your attention with intention?

How many times have you woken up with full clarity that you HAD to get one action item completed today?  It must be done!

Then you get into the office to be welcomed by 3 urgent voicemails, 2 last minute meeting requests, a notice of Susie’s birthday lunch today […]

Top 5 Email Strategies That Will Save You and Others Time

According to a McKinsey Global Institute report, the average employee spends 13 hours per week reading and answering emails. Annualized, that is 650 hours per year, assuming a 50-week year.

Wow! 650 hours or 28% of our work time is spent on emails. Email is the dominant form of business communication and thus requires effort […]