Project Description


Diamond Solutions, Inc. has a 90-employee call center contract that serves as the primary point of contact for 500,000 military personnel requiring health care.


Due to high volume, the call center representatives have very high expectations on performance metrics.  They are expected to complete a call quickly while maintaining a professional and empathetic demeanor.  When customers cannot get an appointment with the requested health provider on a specific date, emotions can run high.  Continued development and nurturing of CA²RE skills are required to maintain this customer care team’s culture of customer service excellence.


Training Workshop
Putting CA²RE into Customer Service© with annual subscription to “Quick CA²RE” lessons

Learning objectives:
•    Tools to increase empathy toward difficult clients
•    Connect in the Call Cycle
•    The CALM© Method
•    Tool to handle worst case scenarios

Testimonials from customer care representatives at this workshop:
“Excellent speaker and analogies”

“I have always had problems with angry customers, so this has given me a way to deal with them.”

“The information received today will help me every day.”