Project Description


Executive Board of the Women of AT&T – a 16 member executive board leading a 17,000+ member employee resource group for AT&T.


With a 17,000+ membership and a strong creative executive board, ideas for initiatives were plenty.  The board was challenged to hear, acknowledge and validate all of the incredible ideas and then choose the best few to focus the national board’s attention.

In addition, the Women of AT&T is committed to the lifelong journey of leadership development and requested a customized leadership professional development program for the executive board.


Facilitation Planning Workshop + Professional Development Training Workshops with Accountability Sessions
Facilitation Planning Workshop Objectives:
•    Categorize the initiatives based on alignment with National Board WOA and AT&T goals
•    Position board to vote for the top three (3) initiatives

Professional Development Leadership Workshops:
•    Customized Training on Leadership, Conflict Transformation, and Crucial Conversations
•    Accountability Sessions to foster integration of new skills


The Executive Board of Women of AT&T collectively agreed to execute on key actions and initiatives that will foster and nurture a culture of accountability.  They are committed to Leading the Way for their members.

Testimonial from WOA Executive Board CEO:

“I personally want to thank you both for an outstanding session on Wednesday!  Great job!  The feedback has been positive and I am certain that we are on the right path and the timing is just right.  You both ROCK!”