Project Description


Association of Young Professionals (AYP) Annual Membership Drive Event.  The objective of this event is to show the value of the AYP membership as well as provide training on navigating intergenerational conflict within the workplace.


Young professionals enter the job market eager to perform, learn and establish credibility.  With four very different generations in the workplace, it’s no surprise that young professionals witness conflict among co-workers on a daily basis.


Training Workshop – Intergenerational Conflict: Infusing CALM© into the Workplace

Learning objectives:

  • Understand the general viewpoints of each generation and recognize their patterns of communication
  • Learn conflict transformation tools
  • Respecting Viewpoints
  • The CALM© Method

Testimonials from AYP Infusing CALM© Workshop participant:
“The workshop really made me think about how I communicate with others, especially others from different generations. It made me realize how many bad habits I have. The points and suggestions that Dawn made have helped me improve my overall communication, but especially in situations where I tend to get easily frustrated.”