Project Description


Small Business Development Center of Shenandoah Valley –  120 participants gathered at the BIG Small Business Event so that small businesses could benefit from multiple concurrent workshops to help them learn, act and profit in their businesses.


Small business owners and employees must work with a variety of people.  Each brings their own point of views (POVs) to the table.  Conflict can arise with co-workers, employees, clients, family members, vendors and more.   Learning how to navigate conversations with those that hold a different POV is an important key to success for small businesses.


Training Workshop – When Departments or People Collide: Conflict Transformation

Learning objectives:

  • Understanding the difference between conflict transformation vs. conflict resolution
  • Using the conflict transformation tools
  • Conflict Behavior Styles
  • Respecting Viewpoints
  • The CALM© Method

Testimonials from Business Owners at this workshop:
“Excellent, bring her back!”

“Love Dawn’s delivery, very helpful”

“Well presented, kept my interest”