Project Description


A State of Texas 25 person customer service team servicing client base 50,000


The veteran customer service team received lower-than-usual customer service scores. The team experienced a 15% increase in workload and a 10% decrease in staff.


Training Workshop Putting the CA²RE in Customer Service©

Learning objectives:
•    CA²RE: Communication, Attitude, Accountability, Relationships, Ethics
•    How to handle the “worst-case” customer scenarios
•    How to care for myself, so I can care for my customers (de-stress techniques)

Testimonial from Customer Representatives at this workshop:
“… you did a fabulous presentation for us.   Your screen shots were colorful and very interesting for the topic they were referring to.  And I really enjoyed the “practice” group sessions  …   Something so simple taught something we take for granted all the time!”  

“Thanks for the Awesome Training session!”