Project Description


A group of 70 administrative professionals from multiple State of Texas departments gathered to learn, improve, and practice workplace skills.


Administrators within state departments support multiple demanding customers on a daily basis.  The stress associated with this demanding position can affect all areas of their lives. Whether it is an overreaction at work, declining health or problems at home, learning the tools of lowering stress can make a large positive impact for the administrators and those they support.


Training Workshop – Lowering Stress by Increasing Emotional Intelligence

Learning objectives:

  • Define and identify the stress in our work lives
  • Understand how increasing  emotional intelligence can lower stress
  • Learn and practice the tools to increase emotional intelligence
  • Emotions are messages
  • Respond vs. React
  • Get off the Trouble Train

Testimonials from State of Texas Administrators at this workshop:
“I thought the course was very well put together. I really liked the portions that required class participation. It’s good to have participants actively participate, versus them just listening to (essentially) a lecture”

“Nicole was very energetic and made the class a lot of fun.”

“She was awesome and I have learned and will use what she had spoken to us on how to deal with everyday stress at the workplace and home.”