We have designed each training program utilizing our transformation philosophy. Whether you are investing personally, or in your organization, we have the right tools to help you transform your communications to improve the bottom line.



We believe that the most successful facilitation must be followed by a strong accountability model. Therefore we have created a unique facilitation method that includes three key components: Session Planning, Facilitation and Accountability Sessions.


We believe in engaging all available resources to assist in the peaceful resolution of conflict.  Our mediation and ombudsman services’ professional provides on-call options for individuals and/or organizations experiencing communication challenges impacting the organization.

More About Our Training Services

Open Enrollment Training Workshops

CTA trains distinctions and philosophies that create long term results. All training is designed around a philosophy of transformation. Transformation is adopting a state-of-mind.

  • When Departments Collide: Transforming Workplace Conflict
  • Putting the CA²RE in Customer Service©
  • First Time Managers Program
  • Successful Communication in a Virtual Environment
  • Leading with Emotional Intelligence
  • Lowering Stress by Increasing Emotional Intelligence
  • Infusing CALM© in the Workplace
  • Connecting in the Call Cycle (designed for call centers)

Custom Training Workshops

Bring customized communication training directly to your staff. These trainings are tailored specifically to your organization’s needs which are uncovered in our pre-training assessment.

More About Our Facilitation Services

A facilitator is a person who can make your meetings flow more smoothly and be more productive. The facilitator paces the group, offers a variety of possible ways to approach problems, and manages the dynamics of the group.

Why Use Facilitation?

  • To keep meetings focused on the subject of discussion
  • To have a neutral person present who will manage the process
  • To accomplish goals in a more timely manner

More About Our Ombudsman and Mediation Services

For those that are looking for alternative methods to resolve workplace conflict that does not consistently recur our Ombudsman on-call service and/or our Mediation Services could be the answer.

Ombudsman and Mediation Services

  • On-Call Ombudsman
  • Mediation for two or more participants
  • Facilitated Conversations