To be, or not to be…happy, that is the question.

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Last month in Should I Care If My Employees Are Happy?, we highlighted powerful evidence from several experts that has proven “Happiness in the Workplace” improves the bottom line.

This leads many leaders to ask the key question,

“How can I foster a culture of happiness so I can reap all of these desired rewards such as increased sales results, productivity and task accuracy to mention a few?”

buy Pregabalin powder The first step to fostering a culture of happiness is to choose happy for you.  That is it!  Choose to be happy or not to be happy.

Are you thinking, “What! It can’t be that simple!”?

Or perhaps you are thinking, “What!  That is impossible!  What about (insert the pain and frustrations of your life) that I have no control over?”

Happiness is a choice.  The answer is that simple.  Happiness is your choice.  Moment by moment, day by day, you get to choose.

When you can see your happy as well as the challenges, you empower yourself to navigate through difficult times.  Even in the midst of your saddest, most challenging, most turbulent moments –> you can choose happy.

Venkatagiri The second step to fostering a culture of happiness is to practice gratitude.  The simplest and best way to increase happiness is to start with gratitude.

3 easy steps to practice gratitude
1. Look for Gratitude: every day, notice all of the things (big and small) in your life for which you are grateful
2. Keep a Gratitude Journal: every day, write down 5 things for which you are thankful
3. Share your Gratitude: every day, express gratitude to 3 people either verbally, in email, text or social media, or send them an old-fashioned note delivered via snail mail

Gratitude breeds happiness and joy.   It is hard to remain sad when practicing gratitude. Try it!

order plan b one step online The third step to fostering a culture of happiness is to accept that happiness is a current state of being. 

Happiness is to be experienced now in your current state of being.  It is not something to be achieved in the future.  Happiness exists today and you can choose your happy in this moment.

How does practicing these three steps to increase my happiness help me foster happiness within my team?  Happiness is contagious and infectious.  When you choose to be happy today, in this moment, while practicing gratitude on a daily basis, you create a happiness ripple effect that reaches far beyond yourself.

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Go find your happy today.